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How much is a photo worth to your business?

“Really pleased with those phtoos of Lamberts Ade, we got 28 new bookings since we started using them!”

This was feedback from a set of 10 photos we created for events space “Lambert’s Yard” in Leeds.

Double Figure Return on Investment

In this case, the return on investment was approximately 20 times the fee.



How it Works

We work closely with you to create the right photos for your restaurant – this is usually in 2 parts, the shoot and then the edit.

The Shoot

  • Key Features – The start point is the brief, where we discuss the key features you would like capturing.
  • Agree Shoot Time – We then arrange a shoot time, either to show off space during the day when the space is vacant, or or show the bustling atmosphere of a busy restaurant in the evenings.
  • Discrete and Minimal Disruption – The shoot is always discrete, usually just involving a camera on a tripod, rather than dozens of lights – less disruption all round.
  • Extra Details if Needed – If you want detail shots of things like drinks and beer fonts, then we may bring in some small lighting to help make these stand out in a photograph.

The Edit

Everything is now cloud basedd, using DROPBOX, so you can view your photos from anywhere in the world on your phone or iPad.

Here’s how it works:-

  • Quality filtering – We go through the shots and filter out any unsuitable shots
  • Photos Prep – We then do the initial image preparation – usually getting the colours, contrast etc. correct so they have some “punch”
  • You Choose – We put them on Dropbox for you to choose from.
  • Style Choice (optional) – we can edit a chosen shot in a few different styles for you, maybe dark and warm, bright and cool, bold colours, black and white.
  • Final Edit and Delivery – once all the shots and a style have been chosen, we Photoshop the shots and deliver them on DROPBOX at high resolution (for print) and low res (for web)


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