This Drone Video Captures the Mesmerizing Geometries of The World’s Most Vertical City

The immense scales and geometric intricacies of Hong Kong have long held the fascination of the public consciousness, and has been further reinforced in recent years by mind-bending photography series such as Michael Wolf’s seminal photo series, “Architecture of Density.”

In this new film from architect Mariana Bisti, this phenomenon is explored for the first time through drone videography. Not limited to vantage points accessible to humans, the video zooms and pans deliberately over, across and into the city’s enormous residential blocks, bearing a resemblance to the cinematography of Charles and Ray Eames’ seminal production, “Powers of Ten.” Special care to detail has been taken to align each composition to the Cartesian plane, resulting in mesmerizing experience that never breaks your attention.

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Michael Wolf Explains the Vision Behind his Hong Kong Photo Series, “Architecture of Density”

I see it a bit as my mission to document things in Hong Kong which are vanishing, which are disappearing, primarily through urban renewal In this short film from Yitiao Video, photographer Michael Wolf explains the vision behind his momentous photo series, “Architecture of Density,” in which he captures the immense scale and incredible intricacies of the city of Hong Kong.

from ArchDaily

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