Major changes are on the way for Los AngelesUnion Station that will improve connectivity between the stations various train, metro and bus lines. In a new video released by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, one possible future – a ring-shaped passenger concourse floating over the train platforms below – is visualized for the first time.

Currently, passengers switch between Metrolink trains via a system of tunnels passing below the station. These tunnels, however, cut off the train lines, meaning that trains must turn around to exit the station. With plans for new high-speed rails in the works, this time-consuming process will need to be eliminated, meaning the existing tunnels must also go. The Transportation Authority is currently looking at 2 replacements options: the raised concourse shown here, and a ground-level concourse.

Estimated to cost up to $2.1 billion, the raised concourse is still the cheaper of the two options (versus as much as $2.6 billion). The Transportation Authority has said they will soon be releasing another video with the at-ground option.

Learn more about the project here.

News via Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority. H/T Curbed, Architect’s Newspaper.

from ArchDaily